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Different Types Of Betting Systems Used In Blackjack

Different Types Of Betting Systems Used In Blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular card game in the world and is loved by many people. It is an easy game to learn and there are a multitude of betting systems. This article will cover some of these systems and how they can help you gain a better advantage over the dealer at w88.

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Types Of Betting Systems Used In Blackjack

  1. Martingale System: The Martingale is a system that involves doubling your bet after every loss. The idea behind the system is simple, ‘the next hand has got to win because I have not lost 2 in a row.’ If you win the next hand, you will double your money, if you lose it then you will be back to square one. Either way it is a simple system that promises good profits if you increase your bet at every opportunity.
  2. Stacked Deck System: In this system, you will keep the same card until you have three of the same card in a row. Then you will move on to the next hand and throw away your third card. This will give you the maximum bonus if your hand consists of 3 of a kind.
  3. My Way System: This เข้าw88 system is also known as ‘the straight’. In this system, if you have a particular hand that consists of 4 or 5 cards then this is called as a ‘5-card straight’. According to blackjack experts, any player who uses this strategy should be able to win about 85% of the time.
  4. Hi-Lo System: Hi-Lo is an easy system for beginners to use. The idea behind it is to count cards and then when the count is above 11, you know that your hand will be more favorable than the dealer’s. When the count is below 11, then your hands are less favorable than the dealer’s hand so you should fold them.
  5. Blackjack Switch System: This system involves knowing when to switch out of blackjack into a different game such as craps. Some of the best times to switch are when splitting up a ten or ace and when playing against a dealer 10 or Ace.
  6. Two-card Switch System: This system allows me to repeat the same system with two cards. The first card used to decide the count should be a 10 or ace while the second card will be low card.
  7. Deluxe System: This system involves switching out to another game when you have a Blackjack over 21, which is known as a blackjack of 21. This strategy is also known as ‘stratcing’. Learning how to stratc is essential for any blackjack player because there are so many combinations that you can do with your cards, it’s amazing.